Sports Physicians during Covid-19 Lockdown

The doctors at Capital Sports Medicine are continuing to see patients via video telemedicine (or phone if the patient does not have video capabilities) and are still accepting referrals in the usual way. All existing referrals remain valid and will continue to be seen as we are able to.

Telemedicine is secure and allows for a surprisingly effective consultation during which we can provide advice and devise a management plan. Investigations can be arranged, prescriptions done and work certificates completed as appropriate.

Patients seeing Dr Pearson (and Dr Cameron) continue to require a referral from a health care professional (including ACC details if relevant) addressed to Dr Pearson, that he will then triage. If referrers wish to discuss a referral please contact Janet initially on 027 381 5565, and she will arrange for Dr Pearson to call you back. Dr Dorfling does not require a referral but it is preferred.

Sports Physicians

Sports Physicians are a highly specialised group, (in fact there’s only about 18 in New Zealand) who are trained in preventing, diagnosing and treating injuries related to sports or exercise. You will need a referral from your GP or physio to see a Sports Physician.

Every so often sports injuries do require more than physiotherapy and that’s where the sports doctor comes in. The sports doctors treat everything from torn knee ligaments to headaches brought on by exercise, as well as patients who have an injury and an underlying medical condition such as diabetes or hypertension.