At Capital Sports Medicine, we have some of the best providers in each specialist area so we can promise excellent up-to-date care.


Whether your injury is related to sports or work (or Saturday night!), we will give you complete care from diagnosis through to rehabilitation and prevention. Our staff are our greatest asset. Our multi-disciplinary team are all in one location which means we can likely sort you out no matter what the problem. If your particular injury requires even more specialised treatment, we have visiting specialists who work with the clinic, or we can refer you on to other health professionals.


Whether your injury is old or new our highly experienced and qualified physiotherapists can have a significant effect on recovery and injury prevention. We do everything we can to get you back to doing the things you love.

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Sports Doctors

Our Sports and Exercise Medicine specialist and doctors are experts in the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses. They maximise function and minimise disability so you spend less time away from sport, work, or school.

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Headache Clinic

Get to the source of your headache today and start enjoying the more important things in life.

Our goal is to get our patients achieving a significant improvement in their symptoms within a few short weeks.

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Sports Massage

The highly skilled hands of our massage team use deep tissue massage and other techniques to help reduce stiffness, relieve tension and improve circulation to help you prepare or recover from intense excercise.

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Whether you’re looking for general nutrition advice, want to increase muscle mass, get some cutting edge performance tips, or are more confused than ever about what you “should be eating”, our team will guide you to a plan that works.

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Our Pilates instructor uses a reformer and mat based exercises to educate and strengthen through movement of the body with the aim in becoming more functionally aware of physical habits improving lifestyle and preventing injury.

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Personal Growth Coaching

The next level of your new and happy life awaits. Personal growth couching can help you gain new awareness around your challenges and arm you with practical tools and techniques so that you learn to become your own guru.

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From Rheumatology to Orthopaedics to a Physiotherapist Specialist our clinic is constantly buzzing with highly qualified specialist consultants. Our specialist consultants are trained and qualified to deal with specific areas of health.

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