COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)
Capital Sports Medicine Health Strategy 2021

COVID-19 Information

It is of significance that we are amidst a pandemic. Despite this, Capital Sports Medicine will endeavour to provide our services to those in need while maintaining client and staff health and safety to the best extent possible. With support of the Ministry of Health, The Physiotherapy Board NZ, and ACC, we are able to by putting the following in place.

  1. Screening of patients for COVID-19 will take place on the phone via an email declaration, and again upon arrival to the clinic.  This will be required also of any support person you bring with you
  2. You will need to reschedule your appointments if you or any of your close contacts are sick, or are showing symptoms of sickness including the common flu and cold.

    Symptoms specific to COVID19 include:

    – a cough
    – a high temperature (at least 38°C)
    – shortness of breath
    – sore throat
    – sneezing and runny nose
    – temporary loss of smell
  3.  Please refrain from attending your appointments if you:
    a) Have been overseas and have not followed correct protocols
    b) Have been in contact with someone from overseas/Auckland
    c) Have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, or is suspected to be positive of COVID19 or awaiting test results
    d) Have been in contact with someone who is expressing the symptoms aforementioned in (1)
    e) or anyone you have been in contact with anyone who has visited any of the areas of interest listed on the Covid19 website
  4. Please be cautious that individuals with reduced or attenuated immunity are at a greater risk of infection. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the elderly, those with autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and/or cancer. Please check with your GP if you have concerns about your health and immunity.
  5. A mask is required to your appointment. Please bring one to your appointment.
  6. Hand hygiene: Wash hands regularly with soap or hand sanitiser. Please use the sanitiser provided before you enter the clinic. There will be hand sanitiser on the reception desk, and in every treatment room.
  7. If you do cough or sneeze, please do so into a tissue (dispose of promptly) or into your elbows, then follow step (6).
  8. Cleaning surfaces regularly: Capital Sports Medicine will utilise the best available disinfectant/cleaning spray on the majority of surfaces, including EFTPOS terminals and general environment (chairs, countertops, door handles etc). The cleaning of
    treatment rooms and common counter-tops and chairs will be completed in- between each patient.
  9. PPE, other than masks, is not required for most of the procedures we carry out at Capital Sports Medicine as they are non-aerosol generating and do not involve bodily fluids. Of course, clients will have to pass screening as well. Some procedures carried out by the podiatrists and doctors will require some PPE as they always have, and this will continue to be used.
  10. On arrival to your appointment, use the sanitiser and then wait on the designated spot in the hallway until called by the receptionist, who will check your details and re-screen for symptoms
  11. Social distancing will be maintained in the waiting room by spacing of chairs and designated standing spots. When your session is due, the provider will meet you in reception and lead you to the treatment room. Please maintain your distance from the Reception staff.
  12. Patients are advised to dress appropriately for their appointment.  We will not routinely be issuing clinic shorts or treatment gowns.
  13. The cleaning of any fabrics and towels will carry on as usual per ministry’s recommendations: Heavy duty detergent, high temperature wash followed by high heat drying.

Treatment of unvaccinated clients at CSM

Unvaccinated or prefer not to say?

At Capital Sports Medicine, we respect your right to choose. We are still happy to see you in the clinic but only at designated times.  We take our responsibility to our vulnerable and vaccinated customers equally seriously.

Designated appointment times for unvaccinated patients:
Tuesday 4-6.30pm, Thursday 10.30 -12.30

If you are not vaccinated, please respect us and others by letting the admin team know and sticking to these times.

Your provider of choice may not be available in these time slots or may have chosen to prioritise the health of their loved ones.  This is their personal choice.

If you are unable to wear a mask or cannot attend at these times, we can offer you a consultation by phone or via video (telehealth).

If you are unable to get vaccinated and your health is compromised, you should discuss this with your provider and book in at an agreed time.

General Information 

Proof of vaccination will be required when attending at other times.

Children up to the age of 12 will follow the vaccine status of their parents and over the age of 5 are requested to wear a mask while in the clinic.

We also require you, to answer our pre-appointment screening questionnaire, and to always wear a well-fitting surgical mask while in the clinic, and to come alone where possible.  We also ask that you arrive within 5mins of your appointment time to lessen the amount of people in the waiting area.

Thank You From Everyone At Capital Sports Medicine