Nicole Wijngaarden

Personal Growth Coach


My Coaching Mission

My mission is simple, I want to help people achieve positive, lasting change in behaviour for themselves, for their loved ones & in the dynamics of their teams. 
I help people overcome limiting beliefs and behaviours to achieve greater happiness & success.

As a Personal Growth Coach, I help people understand how their beliefs and environments can trigger negative behaviours. Through practical strategies and tools, I help people achieve and sustain positive behavioural change.

About Nicole

The next level of your new and happy life awaits you. It’s never too late to start living your life the way you want, and most of all, live a life that is full of joy, love, and abundant happiness.

The choice is now up to you, will you stay as you are or take action and change your life?

Nicole’s expertise is in helping people discover what’s keeping them from being as happy and successful as they could be. Providing structured guidance and a variety of coaching tools to help them work on a clear path to their inner happiness and success.

Nicole works with people in all areas of their lives, from goal setting and motivation for athletes stuck in a rut or dealing with chronic injury, through to university students looking for direction. She also brings expertise in developing tools to cope with life stresses in all other areas.

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