Megan Healy

Sports Nutrition Essentials (Sports Dietitians Australia), Graduate Cert in Science & Technology - Human Nutrition, PG Cert Education in Science, BA and MA Natural Sciences. In Progress: PG Dip Science & Technology (Human Nutrition)

Megan has a real passion for nutrition, and helping her clients to achieve their best in health & being active. She draws on a wealth of knowledge and skills gained from her previous scientific work, love of sports, and international teaching experience. Megan has undertaken further specialised sports nutrition training through Sports Dietitians Australia, allowing her to provide top sports nutrition advice which is evidence based advice.

She currently consults to the Wellington Phoenix Football team, the New Zealand School of Dance and Royal NZ ballet and Underwater Hockey NZ.

Areas of practice

  • Active Juniors and busy teens

  • Body Composition assessment

  • Fuelling and recovery nutrition advice

  • Recreational Athlete Health Concernse.g. low iron levels

  • Vegetarian and Vegan nutrition advice