Helen McKendrey

Dip Phty, Dip MT


Helen has worked in physiotherapy for more than 30 years in both New Zealand and the UK. She gained her Diploma of Physiotherapy from Otago Polytechnic in 1988, and also has a Postgraduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy and a Postgraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation – which included ultrasound imaging and breathing related studies – bad breathing patterns can really interfere with how your whole system works. She joined Capital Sports Medicine as a Director in 1997.

Helen is particularly interested in recurring injuries that stem from poor body mechanics. Like when your sore back is actually caused by your over tight hamstring, or how your previous injuries are inter-linked.  She looks at how the body works as a whole, and whether weakness or tightness of some muscle groups is putting too much strain on others, and causing re-injury. From there she develops exercise programmes to address the problem area and soft tissue work or mobilisation as required.

She is very excited about the Real Time Ultrasound machine at Capital Sports Medicine. The cool thing about this machine is that we can see your muscles working on the screen live (as you contract them!). You can see whether your core is working properly or whether some other muscles are over compensating.

Outside of work, Helen keeps herself fit with a bit of yoga, swimming and trail running as well as off road cycling (and at times more off than on the MTB!), doing crazy navigational stuff – she doesn’t always know where she is but always knows where home and a hot shower is!